About US

The team at Aquix is a blend of vast technical & commercial experience of couple of decades covering wide areas of Electronics product designing & development, Prototying, testing as per industrial standards, problem solving, entrepreneurship, international trade, supply chain & manufacturing.

For improvement in any existing circuit or if any new project you are willing to start but are hesitant or not available to invest your time & efforts, simply leave it to us, we tailor our services to your need and we can provide a complete turnkey services, or work alongside your team transferring our designing expertise and competencies to your organization.

Our expertise includes

  • Wide range of SMPS Solutions
  • Portable Chargers & Power Adaptors
  • Telecom Power Supply
  • Medical Power Supply
  • Battery Charging Solutions for E-vehicles
  • Pump Controller for domestic & Agriculture applications
  • Control cards for RO Systems, Air Purifiers etc.
  • Drinking Water ATM Solutions
  • Electricity Pre-paid Metering Solutions

We understand that sound strategy alone does not produce results, our approach effectively blends strategy development with tactical and timely implementation to get the best results in minimum possible duration, saving time and money in turn

The Team at Aquix are committed to meeting or exceeding our customer's quality expectations throughout the design, Prototyping, testing, service and technical support phases. We continuously improve our processes and the quality of our products and services through innovation, periodic review and ongoing trainings.