Public Charging Stations

Our Special range of charging Solution includes the Solution for Public Charging Stations suitable for locations like Coffee Shops, Malls, Train Stations, Banks to name few, not to mention a useful & welcome gadget for your Company’s visitors lobby/Reception area. It also goes well with your brand promotion in public, we are flexible to provide just the “Multiple output Charging solution PCBA” or tailor made “complete charging station” with your brand/logo. Various profiles like Wall Mountable or Table Top type available.

Mobile Factory charging station

Leaping ahead, we also provide bulk charging solution, upto 100 Batteries charge at a time - Charging Stations for Mobile Phone Manufacturing. As mobile phone manufacturers, you might have various shape & capacity batteries must be charged once before retail packing with Phones, then this Charging station is indispensable tool for your need. Same Station can be used to charge different size batteries at a time, further customization available based on your specific requirements.