Mobile Phone Charger Solutions

Wide range of SMPS solution for Consumer & Industrial use, we tailor the solution to meet the performance as well as cost requirements without compromise any parameters. Being well versed with various design topologies of Switching Mode & Indian Power conditions, our solutions comes out to be very well optimised for related end applications, be it Consumer application like Mobile phones Chargers, Set Top Boxes, Water Purifiers, Ethernet/Wifi Modems & Routers or Industrial usage like Telecom Power Supplies, Medical SMPS, Cable Network, CCD, E-vehicle chargers etc.

  • Input Voltage: 90-264V
  • Output : 5V : 1A, 1.5A, 2.0A
  • Surge protection: 1.5KV pass
  • EMI test: pass
  • ±5% Constant Voltage Regulation at Universal AC input
  • Primary-side Sensing and Regulation Without TL431 and Opto-coupler
  • Programmable CV and CC Regulation
  • Built-in Primary winding inductance compensation
  • Driver BJT Switch
  • Programmable Cable Drop Compensation
  • Ultra Low Start-up Current (Typ. 1µA)
  • VIN Over Voltage Protection
  • Built-in Feedback Loop Open Protection
  • Built-in Short Circuit Protection