Surge & Spike Protection

The steadily increasing use of highly sensitive electronic devices necessitates special protection concepts. The greatest hazard potential for all electrical installations and equipment is lightning strikes, whether direct or in the near vicinity. Overvoltage due to lightning strikes or uncontrolled switching operations can reach peaks of up to several 1’000 volts. To prevent these surges from destroying our sensitive electronic systems or equipment, the surges must be short-circuited effectively and specifically with equipotential bonding (ground).

This protection against surge voltage can be achieved with the targeted implementation of the surge arrester from our range of Class B, C, B+C, Lightning Rods, Surge protection Box for High Rise Buildings, Factories, Telecom Towers.

  • Achieve the highest possible degree of safety for your electronic systems and equipment with the 3-level protection concept (coarse, medium and fine protection)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Prevent downtime
  • Minimize consequential costs of failures
  • Block surges from the line side
  • Easy and fast installation

SPD Intallation Illustration